Are you a baker? Or are you passionate about baking cakes and pastries? This article is for you. The experts would describe cooking as an art. Art to be to turn out good, one needs a suitable tool to make the art more beautiful. Simultaneously, people who like to bake need utensils that help their baking and make it more effortless. With that, in this article, you are going to find the lists of kitchen utensils you will need if you are a baker?

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Baking sheet

A baking sheet is a must for you as it will allow your baking to not get burned in the bottom. Most home bakers will be satisfied with a three-quarter sheet pan or a half-sheet pan. You will need the baking sheets while you are baking biscuits, scones, or while cooking fish or vegetables. It is also known as sheets pans. However, the baking sheet you are going to use for baking cookies needs to have sheets with edges so that can you can hold it in your hand while the other sides will be open for the cookies to move easily. 

Bowls for mixing

Mixing bowls are one of the essential tools that every baker should have. Mixing bowls can be used to arrange components, mix or knead the dough, and mix all the ingredients inside for the baking. The mixing bowls come in many sizes and types which you can buy according to your preferences. If you are buying the stainless steel bowls they will be lightweight and not easily broken, if you want to buy a glass mixing bowl it may be great for remaining in place while mixing a batter or dough.


Ever watched the cooking shows or the cooking videos done by the expert and chefs? They will always use whisks to beat the eggs or sometimes mix the baking ingredients without any lumps. The whisk is one of the important tools bakers should have. The whisks come in many types and shapes. Nowadays, the whisks are attached with the electric mixers to enhance the speed of the mixing. It will prevent any hand pain caused by constant mixing. The bakers can buy the class whisks or the whisks attached with the mixers. You can find the perfect tool at tool for easy whisking in Malaysia

Measuring tools

One of the important things for the cake to come out as puffy and tasty as you planned is by mixing the right amount of ingredients. The measuring tools can be in the form of cups and spoons or sometimes beakers for liquids. Measuring spoons and cups are required for many types of cookery, but notably for baking, the levels need to be right for the product to be good. When measuring dry ingredients like flour, sugar, or baking soda make sure the bakers need to be sure that the amount is right. For the wet ingredients, as mentioned the bakers can use cups or beakers to check if the amount is correct.