First born child is truly a blessing. Every mom would be happy for their first-time giving birth process. Therefore, they must consider what stuff they should obtain and what kind of preparation is needed. The internet must be full of shopping and registry lists but is it really important or is it really worth it? So let’s find out! 

Here are the main things that you should have on your newborn check-list;

  1. A Blanket

Blankets are the ultimate things that you should have already written down on your newborn list. This little baby should be covered with soft, comfortable and cosy light natural fabrics. It will be their first clothes after the birth process until they’ve grown a little bit and fit for some clothes. 

What about the colour? Don’t worry about the colour yet, even if you haven’t known the gender of the baby, you can still pick any warm colour as you like as long as it is comfy enough for the little baby. 

  1. Clothing Essentials

Baby clothes are essentially important but do not buy a bulk of them. Newborn babies grow and gain weight fast. Usually, these baby clothes are listed with ages, replacing the sizes as measurement. In your case, you should look for 0-1 years old or infants. 

As your newborn child grows up, try to find the size according to the age defined. Look for clothes that are made with all-cotton or anything that is as close to it as possible. Polyester blends can be easier on the pocketbook but they can also be irritating to the baby’s skin.

  1. Feeding Essentials

As you know, infants need to be breastfeeding until they are up to several ages. Breastfeeding also requires a preparation for the mom as the breastfeeding process will be up until the child has reached toddler. For that, the first time mom should have nursing bras and tank tops on their checklist. 

Other than that, first time moms are required to take care of their breasts especially the nipple area as it will be their firstborn favorite place to eat. There are also several types of cream that every first time mom should have before starts breastfeeding but the best breastfeeding cream is the Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream. Available at almost all baby store nationwide.  

Bathing and Wellness Essentials. 

In the old days, babies usually would wash and shower in small portable baskets or basins. Practically, this type of way still can be used as the baby will eventually grow up and can no longer suit the portable bath. 

Due to their small sizes and soft skin, there isn’t a lot of proper investment needed for the care. But, a good quality of baby body wash and baby shampoo are needed. Including baby nail clippers, soft brush, cotton swabs and small towels. 

Diapers not to forget. As it will be one of the most important things too for the babies and also the parents. 

Linens and Sleep Essentials 

To create a comfortable, warm, and comfy place for the baby to have a peaceful sleep,  you will need plenty of padding, soft cloth, and at least one waterproof liner. Blankets should range in a suitable weight and thickness to suit the temperature. Also ,there should never be a lot of bedding or pillows that could disrupt the baby’s breathing.