Landed Estates

a) Terraces/Connected Houses

Because of the great demand for these assets, they are the most prevalent.

It is usually connected side by side, with no additional ground or garden on the sides other than the front and rear of the home.

The additional acreage or garden along one side of the home makes corner houses attractive, and the cost is cheap compared to semi-detached houses.

a) Semi-detached dwellings

There is a shared wall between two homes, either on the side or on the rear.

Extra land or a garden might be found on one or both sides of the home.

Semi-detached dwellings attached at the rear are often known as linked bungalows.

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It features a lot of additional land or gardens on all four sides of the home.

Extra lands may occasionally be used to construct a swimming pool, fountain, fish pond, playground, garage, etc.

When the opposite side or surrounding region of the fronting road has been developed for business reasons and has become a busy road, the lucky owner might turn his home into a commercial property.

To convert a residential bungalow into commercial use, you must apply to the necessary local government agencies and pay a conversion premium.

d) Condominiums

It seems to be a terrace/linked home, except that two units of houses are constructed on top of each other and share a shared piece of ground.

It might be two or three stories tall, with separate entrances and parking lots in front.

It is perfect for families with grown-up children, particularly once they marry and have children. The elderly may live in the bottom unit, while their children’s families live just above them. They may look after one other while yet maintaining their independence.


Because property on islands and actively expanding city centres are becoming more scarce, the only option to accommodate the rising population is to build higher.

Many residential and commercial high-rise structures may be found in Kuala Lumpur’s city centre and Penang Island.

Strata title determines and defines the ownership of each unit. With this title, buyers may lawfully purchase, mortgage, or sell their apartments.

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Every unit owner has a vested stake in the property on which the apartments/condominium are built. They share standard amenities such as elevators, swimming pools, community centres, playgrounds/gardens, etc. Typically, the Developer is overseen and maintained regularly until the strata title is granted. Residents may then take over the administration of the building by founding a management corporation or appointing a professional property management firm to do it on their behalf.

Every resident is expected to pay a monthly maintenance charge and a sinking fund to maintain the building’s daily maintenance tasks. Sinking funds are accumulative and cover future capital expenditures such as common property repainting every few years.

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