As we all know, Malaysia’s medicine and medical treatment is on the list of the best medical countries in the world. We often hear the elders around us say that “the neighbors’ children went to medical school after his or her high school’s graduation”, “now there are many medical graduates”, “it is very hard to read medical school” and so on. If you are confused about the future, you may be listening to the elders around these words, and make a decision to maybe follow the trend to study medicine, perhaps upstream and go to learn those unpopular professions. Whatever your choice, why not learn more about one university college major?

best university to study nursing

That’s nursing! Compared to those medical students, nursing students have shorter school hours and reach more jobs in the industry after their graduations, especially the lack of professionals in related majors. There are up to 30 medical universities in Malaysia. Thus, the question about which is the best university to study nursing is often asked by many people who are interested in the nursing profession. Several medical schools offer students to study nursing, you may try to simply search and get your most suitable and favorite school.

Now, you may ask, why do we choose to study nursing in Malaysia? Firstly, nurses can enter the workforce relatively quickly, as the huge demand of the nursing profession and also there are plenty of choices for you to choose the one to fit your lifestyle, it offers you a great freedom in your career. Besides that, after your two to three years of nursing study, you can be called a specialist in nursing! It is more satisfying and more relaxing to study nursing in comparison with studying medicine. 

Next, for those who are willing to be a nurse after their studies, it is certainly a great decision as the nursing industry is stable. The need for healthcare professionals in our society is skyrocketing. Furthermore, for those who have the eagerness to learn new things, nursing is certainly the most suitable job to keep you learning new things all the time. There are endless opportunities for learning. No single day for a nurse is repeated in their career path, they face different situations and different patients everyday. Thus, challenges await them everyday.

On the other hand, we can get to know that nurses and doctors are both important in patient care through this pandemic. As some people might say that studying nursing is worse than studying medicine, but this is wrong! Both of them have their own responsibilities in their work, and they accomplish each other. Both of them are equally important in our society. So, don’t easily listen to other people’s words, any work in this society has its existence value and significance.