Finance degrees are a good alternative for people who want to learn how the global economy works and what the secrets are to money, investments, and financial freedom. Finance, while being one of the world’s oldest sciences, remains one of the most popular academic areas because we make financial decisions every day, big or small. That being said, is a Finance degree still valuable in 2022? If so, why should you study finance? Thus, let me present to you all the five benefits of studying the degree of business and finance. 

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5 Benefits of studying Business and Finance

  1. Flexible Career Path

When you graduate from university with a degree in accounting and finance, you will have several job options. You may work as a chartered accountant, stockbroker, or forensic accountant, or you could go on a completely other path and become a business development manager, data analyst, or mortgage advisor using what you’ve learned from your degree.

  1. Well paid salary

Everyone in today’s society and the economy is reliant on financial methods and concepts. In the United States, for example, figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show a 5% increase in demand for financial analysts. The median annual salary ranges from 81,000 to 129,000 USD, depending on the kind of financial position and work experience.

  1. Transferable Skills (Writing and Communication skills)

Writing a persuasive report delivering a winning pitch–or even composing the proper email–requires great communication skills. While studying business, you will collaborate with students from all around the world on a variety of challenging initiatives. Your perspectives and experiences will differ, and may even collide. To achieve the grade, you must evaluate examples, reply professionally to opposing viewpoints, and master the art of presenting your argument.

  1. Discover the true source of value creation

Finance equips you with the knowledge and skills to guarantee that every project you undertake contributes significantly to the success of your firm. It gives you the ability to oppose initiatives that appear to have little likelihood of success or to make ideas that may assist in piloting a project in a more promising direction. It also assists you in demonstrating your distinct worth as a strategic thinker.

  1. Equipped with Investment and capital knowledge

Everyone, whether they realize it or not, interacts with financial markets daily. A sound financial foundation can help you manage the tough concerns that are frequently associated with these choices. It may help you decide whether an investment opportunity is a good fit for your financial goals. It may show you what people want in terms of investments and how your actions might help them get it.


The financial and business industry plays a key role in the economy in every country across the globe thus the market still needs talented graduates to maintain the continuity of the financial industry in the challenging future. In the business world, not only talents in the financial field are needed, other fields are needed as well such as accounting, public relations, and so on. Thus, students should pursue the course in which they are interested since all fields are involved in the market, right? 
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