Presumably, in this post, this is an exciting computer field career that you can venture into? The field of computers is a popular field in most universities in Malaysia. It is not a unique thing if most students today choose such a course.

Not only on the basis of interest and job opportunities, but also high income and wide job opportunities are among the reasons why the course received a warm response among students.

So, what are the exciting computer field careers that can be pursued? We have a list of his careers for you. Keep reading!

1 Software Engineer

Software engineers apply engineering principles to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of software and systems that enable computers or any equipment containing software to function.

The main job of a software engineer is to design or modify the software to ensure the best quality for the software. They will ensure that the designed functions act according to the desired specifications. Being a software engineer is one of the best career options

2 System Analyst

Systems analyst is an information technology profession that specializes in analyzing, designing and implementing computer systems. They will analyze system problems, design and test standards and find solutions.

Computer systems require a high degree of precision to be designed. So, the job of a systems analyst is very important in ensuring that the system built works well and meets the needs of the customer.

3 Cyber ​​Security Expert

This is him one of the careers in the field of computers that is said to have the highest income in the branch – a cyber security expert!

The primary role of a cybersecurity expert is to prevent cyber attacks on information systems and keep criminals from gaining access to financial information, military secrets and other confidential data.

The working hours of a cyber security expert are indeed unpredictable, as system hacking can happen at any time. So, they need to always be prepared to protect computer systems.

4 Web Designer

To ensure that the website works successfully without any interruption, a web designer plays an important role in that regard.

There are several types of web designers that you need to know, front end developer and back end developer are among the most popular. Of course the role played is different.

Front end developers develop websites and visuals using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, back end developers develop website using programming languages.

5 Network Engineer

A network engineer is someone who has the expertise to design, implement and monitor computer networks that support voice, data, video and wireless network services.

Their duties include selecting software that should be used to meet the specifications set by an organization as well as repairing outdated equipment and systems.

They will sketch the network, run tests on the network and develop it, as well as perform maintenance on the network.

6 Educators

More interested in teaching in IT or computer science? Of course you have the soul of an educator, so just venture into the field of education that specializes in computers!

You can choose to be an IT teacher or a lecturer at a university. His qualifications are different, but his main duties and roles are more or less the same.