It is not a surprise that people try different ways of planning and techniques in trying to get in the mood. I know sometimes it feels a bit gross and everything, but trust me, everyone have their own choices which influence what to like and what to dislike, so with that being said, it is actually normal as to what you might feel a bit weird, is something normal to some people, so in today’s article we are going to talk about the most common things but which are labeled as the craziest and weirdest thing to do in a bed.

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  • Scented candles

For some people, the things that trigger them to get into the mood is scented perfume, i know it would sound a bit weird, but you have to know something, which is the scent or the smell that triggers someone mood does in fact correlates with sex. How? Well we might heard the term of someone claiming to being an animal in the bed, it is the exact expression in which we are humans who driven by scents that is produce around us, and some scent in particular can be from someone that you love which trigger your limbic system and intuition to perform sex which are induced by the smell. This is what you called as sex and sensuality. 

  • Roleplay

Roleplay is considered one of the most aggravated acts for many people. But not for some who engage in it. But before we get into the good part, allow me to explain the reason behind why roleplay is pictured as a bad act. First foremost, this negative side of roleplay arise is due to the way it is display in the pornography world. But in the contrary, the roleplay is proven to help many couples in navigating their sexual life by improving and adding more spice to it. Why? Because roleplay enables you to be more honest about what you want and desire off, by pretending to be someone else. This might feel like a lie, but it is a lie that the both couples are being as honest and open that they can be with each other. Roleplay on the another part is a key to communication, which is much more needed during sex in order to know each others preferences.

  • Sex toys

This might surprise many of you, that sex toys is also consider being abnormal, but truth to be told, many people use adult sex toys for sole purpose only, not while they are engaged in sex with their partner. This act is considered weird due to its involvement when this tool is make used during a real sex, as it is always considered to be used while you alone for mastrubating purposes. In contrast, they are some couples who enjoys incorporating adult sex toys like vibrators. Purchase the best vibrators in Secret Cherry Malaysia is actually known to help many couples to achieve what they want in bed together.

Last but not least, there is no right or wrong when it comes maintaining a better sex life. The only thing that matters is the dedication and safety that you assure during this whole process by being mindful and also respectful of each other at the same time.

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