Here’s some daily dose of facts that’ll feed your brain’s curiosity about the world and its resources. We’re going to take a look at familiar materials, one that most of us have seen before during a familiar process – construction materials! Have you ever wondered what makes cement, a cement? Or how is each construction material made to ensure the stability of the construction made? Also, some common additives found in construction materials are synthetic latex, calcium lignosulphonate, methyl cellulose Malaysia, molasses, sodium gluconate and many more.

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What are construction materials?

Construction materials is a broad term to identify the products and raw materials used to build something, mainly a shed or a building. Moreover, construction materials are responsible to make sure that the foundation and structure of the construction are sturdy and strong enough to provide shelter, as well as to withstand most natural threats.

Types of construction materials

There are a few that we know of, like cement and concrete, but in this modern age, a lot of common materials are often mixed up with others like adding additives to the mentioned materials. 

The reason, why most of the construction materials are mixed and matched with other materials, is to come up with various new construction materials that could potentially provide better quality and strength to the entire construction overall. 

Let’s take a look at some examples of the type of construction materials available.


The most common material in construction making. Cement is used to provide more strength to a building by being its “glue”. In a way, cement ensures that the other materials used in the construction aren’t falling apart. Moreover, cement also makes sure that it provides support by attaching other construction materials to each other. 


Asphalt is known to be a highly versatile material in construction materials. Also, Asphalt is known to be part of constructing footpaths, roads and driveways. Since its a highly versatile material, it is also used in making residential roofing, and waterproof walls and surfaces.

Other than being a part of residential construction material, asphalt is also used to construct large-scale projects like dams and reservoirs, as well as being an ideal solution for soil erosion and flood control. 

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Clay and Mud 

Other than the typical types of cement and concrete, clay and mud also play an important role in construction buildings. Clay and mud oftentimes are used to create different types of designs and styles, as well as bringing innovation and flexibility into construction buildings. 

In today’s era, clay and mud also undergo evolution and changes when it comes to being part of the construction materials. Mechanical pneumatic compressor is used to process clay and enhance the quality of the soil. Hence, both clay and mud are continuously used in today’s construction. 

Natural Materials

We can’t forget about natural materials when talking about construction materials. Natural materials go a long way as being the most important in construction materials, and usually natural materials are not processed as much as other construction materials. Some examples of natural materials are mud, stone and fibrous plants, as well as lumber and glass. All these materials are often used to provide the utmost durability and strength to the constructed buildings. 

So there you have it. The list of construction materials used in constructed buildings. All these are necessary to provide strength, durability and comfort to those who use and seek shelter in the newly constructed building.