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The day of March 31st, the day before April 1st, and the “custom” of April Fool’s Day, which may include hackers bent on destroying or stealing the data of unsuspecting users, does not happen by accident. Rather than focusing on amusing jokes, we must pay increasing attention to the increasingly serious criminal assaults that, via the use of ransomware, endanger our online security.

Companies are the first to recognize the need of adequate security, which includes frequent data backups. To guarantee quick and reliable data recovery, Infinidat, a business that specializes in multi-petabyte corporate data storage systems, has prepared a list of the most important considerations to take into account. Choosing the backup solutions malaysia is perfect there.

Reduce the amount of time it takes to recover

Because of the various technologies that have been used in recent years, backup times have been steadily reduced, but the time needed to recover data has remained a crucial factor. Consequently, IT managers should prepare a preventative intervention strategy in the event of a disaster and choose an architecture that allows for faster recovery.

Make certain that there is enough of availability

The high availability of the infrastructure is one of the most important elements of data security, and it should not be overlooked. For example, if a hardware failure happens, the time it takes to get new components and then install them may substantially prolong the recovery process. As a result, maintaining high availability of the backup and recovery infrastructure is essential to fulfilling service level agreements.

Keeping costs and performance in balance

Because the quantity of continuous data is increasing all the time, it is essential that data backup and recovery stay accessible. To be sure, consumers are increasingly opting for costly backup storage media in order to meet the need for greater performance while failing to see that new designs may address the issue of long recovery times without increasing prices to an unacceptable level.

backup solutions malaysia

Taking use of scalable storage solutions

Storage scalability should be one of the first factors to consider and design into a backup solution when determining the appropriate storage capacity. Otherwise, time-to-market will be delayed, and multiple backup environments will be created, resulting in an increase in administrative costs and a reduction in efficiency. The use of “pay-as-you-grow” models, which increase in tandem with the amount of data generated, is recommended since it allows the business to postpone this cost until a later date.

Backup of a large Oracle database

As of now, Oracle databases are utilized by almost all major applications, and their size is rapidly increasing, with some databases reaching tens of terabytes in size in certain instances.

In order to implement an effective backup service, businesses must look beyond traditional approaches, which require a periodic full backup of the database, because they are no longer able to meet the time demands of the business and have a negative impact on the performance of the environment of production.